Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Leaves, glorious leaves!

The last week or two the kids have been spending the majority of their free time in the yard....raking leaves.
It seemed insane to me, but then I started spying on them. They would rake them into a pile and then jump in them, roll in them, toss them over their heads and then start over again! It's been nice and warm, so it's been the perfect past time.
This weekend we raked all the leaves that were on the grass, the trees were only half way done dropping them and we knew we would have to do it again in a few weeks. We bagged up about 10 jumbo sized leaf bags, so there were no more leaves to jump in. Lo and behold, a nice big front moved in that very night preceeded by monster winds that split one of our neighbor's beautiful pear trees down the middle. (Sorry, Liz!)
Whaaaa-laaa, more leaves to rake, except now they're under rain and snow...maybe they'll get some more play in after a few days once things dry out a little.
I never guessed that something I used to look at as a necessary annual chore day would become weeks of much anticipated play! Always a silver lining, I tell ya!


  1. You still have time to get to the polls if you haven't voted already!


  2. How did John McCain get on your blog?

    Love the leaves - and the fun they bring. Once they're raked and gone, the snow will take its place. Glad to see everyone finding joy in the work!

    Our kids loved pouncing in the big leaf piles in Ohio -- I think they miss it!

  3. Your kids look so cute. I use to love jumping in the leaves. So FUN.

    By the way I bought both the cetaphil lotion and face wash. Did you use both, is the face wash safe on babies. The pharmacist didn't know. I can't imagine you washed your kids hair in the lotion though.