Sunday, November 16, 2008

It's My Life

25 Years ago I:*loved babies and couldn't be in a room with a real live one for 2 minutes before it was in my arms*played Pioneers in the Pogue's backyard every Saturday, where we picked berries and mushed them and added sugar and water before we slurped them all up*played GI Joe and Smurfs with the boy across the street*thought break dancing was THE coolest thing ever*played centipede and ms pacman on the atari*really wanted to skateboard on that half pipe with all the older boys*was almost kidnapped for the 2nd time in Kmart

20 Years ago I:*started babysitting and fell in love with a newborn Austin Hunter when I got to feed him his first bottle, seriously, I felt honored when the kid spit up on me, he was THAT precious*went to girl's camp for the first time and got a white mouse from my secret sister, my Mom was thrilled when it died within 12 hours - we never had to take it home*started middle school and was flummuxed by all the hand-holding and going-around couples...weirdos*was thrilled when my brothers went in on a Nintendo so we could all play Mario Bros*was stalked by a flasher (with my BFF) when walking to the bus stop or drug store for candy runs...I must've had a sign on my forehead that said, please, kidnap me!

15 Years ago I:*went to EFY and hung out with my big sister K at BYU and really began our friendship*was so excited to finally get my drivers license, all my friends remember my silver VW bug and listening to Beastie Boys because the tape got stuck in the player*worked for my BFFs parents at their yogurt shop AND mexican restaurant*attended 6 am seminary training every weekday, I think I'm still catching up on the sleep I missed

13 Years ago I:*bought a pager*went to The Edge to dance with my friends on Friday nights*worked at the Gap, as a Bank Teller and as a photographer AND went to school at the same time*almost gave my parents a heart attack with all the worrying they were doing about where I might be at 3am*moved out of my parents house because I had their car but only came home to shower and change, and interestingly enough, that wasn't working out for them*met and became best friends with the man that would become my husband within the next 16 months

8 Years ago I:*became a Mom when Savannah joined our family*lived in a Condo that I loved, right across the street was TJ Maxx ...dangerous!*worked as a Sales Recruiter at XO Communications and had a wonderful boss who finally appreciated me and made me feel exceptionally good at what I did

5 years ago I: *moved into a big suburban house to accomodate a growing family*gave birth to my 1 and only son*quit my paying job and became a full fledged SAHM to 2 rowdy munchkins

3 years ago I: *obtained a passport and actually used it!*traveled to Costa Rica for 9 days with my sweetheart for celebrate our 10 year anniversary (albeit a few months early)*discovered all the things we fell in love with about each other are still there, much to our delight and relief*became pregnant with our 3rd child, a daughter*finally caved and traded in the Outback for a Minivan*joined a book club and rediscoved the joy of literature

1 year ago I: *went to Disneyland for the first time with all the kids*became a soccer Mom*had 1 child in preschool and 1 in first grade, and some free time with my baby*started beading, one of my only full fledged hobbies*had my parents join us for Christmas at our house, it was wonderful

5 months ago I*drove to CA by myself with the kids to visit my parents and siblings, so they can get to know their cousins better....this was actually our 3rd annual trip* went camping 2x

3 months ago I: *spent time with my parents and siblings in SoCal, first time in years both of my sisters and I have been in the same place at the same time, yes, we took pictures!

Last month I: *wore a skeleton shirt with a beating heart as my Halloween costume*joined facebook and reconnected with my long lost BFF from high school

Last week I: *spent the weekend in St George and hiking in Zion National park

Yesterday I:*raked and bagged mucho leaves, planted pansies, sliced my finger deeply on a garden tool and am still nursing it*did laundry so Chris would be ready to travel*made Hungarian Goulash and Spaetzle for dinner in a crock-pot that turned out DIVINE

Today I: *enjoyed my children singing during their Primary Program in Sacrament meeting*dressed all the kids extra cute and astonished myself at just how beautiful they are (really!)*talked to my hubby on the phone*made play dough for Savi's 2nd grade class so they can make Indian Bead necklaces this week*made home made pizza for dinner*survived a day that Sydney didn't take a nap

Tomorrow I will: *call my partner to set up visiting teaching*take my kids to the library*vacuum the house*make sure Sydney takes a nap

Next year I will: *watch Savannah be baptized and get her ears pierced*go to CA for a Cline family reunion*have 2 kids in school ALL DAY and really be productive with only 1 sidekick*visit my sister's family in AZ if it kills me.

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  1. What a fun, dangerous and sweet life you've led! Thanks for the fun post -- I actually learned some new things about you!

    PS: I was going to plant pansies yesterday, but Sophia stood up in her high chair at lunchtime and FELL on her shoulder, breaking her clavicle. So I farmed out the kids and visited the ER for xrays and a sling. Mark was in TN at a conference, lucky me (NOT)...this happens when I'm ALONE. If he had been here, I could have skipped the ER and gone straight to xray. Friday afternoon, Matthew hurt his hand playing football at school and we thought he may have fractured something, so I took him to the hospital for xrays. Two hospital visits in 24 hours....I would rather have planted pansies and raked leaves and cut my own hand, instead of having my kids hurt!!!

    PPS: Matthew is just badly sprained and swollen, Sophia should be out of her sling in 2 weeks and is managing fine on Tylenol with codeine and Motrin. Sweet thing! I am so glad she won't remember this!

    Come visit us soon! Love, S

  2. Sara, you SO need a blog so I can tag YOU. But really, when would you have time with all the ER visits and such?! My goodness, the timing is awful. I almost can't believe it, Murphy's Law in full effect. Poor babies, my heart is aching for them, AND YOU. Hang in ther big sis!

  3. I know. I need to document some of this craziness! Getting started would be the hard part for me. Maybe in 2009? Murphy's Law was also in force last month when Mark's partner left town. His son broke his wrist on a rip stick and his daughter broke her ankle cheerleading. Mark had to tend to them while the partner was out of town. It's hard on the wives, I tell ya! Murphy needs to go out of town!!!

  4. LOL at "and interestingly enough, that wasn't working out for them!"

    I never knew about making berry jam like pioneers. Cute story.

    And I'm glad you came to EFY so we could be friends. :)

    I cried a loud "Ouch" when I read about Sophia's fall! Poor baby. That is why are all constantly saying, "Sit down. Sit down. Sit down." Hope she mends quickly!

  5. I loved this post! Especially because I knew you way back when and found you now... just down the street. What are the odds of that girl? We need to hang out.