Friday, November 21, 2008

Savi post

Some of Savannah's recent creative products. Earrings for her teacher's birthday, and play-doh guy.
Savannah is such a great kid! She is happy, responsible, helpful, obedient, and only occasionally does she like to terrorize her brother and sister. Her teachers would never believe that last part, because at school she is all about being quiet and doing her work.

Says her teacher at our recent parent teacher conference, as we're looking at her PERFECT report card..."So, are you aware that she is the perfect child, or are all your kids like this?" No, really, I'm aware.
So, Wednesday night when Savi was complaining that her tummy didn't feel good and she didn't think she'd be going to school in the morning, I should've seen the red flag. I didn't though, I just said, "Let's see how you're doing in the morning."

Fast forward 2 hours, Savi comes into my room just as I've settled into bed. "Mom, I threw up." Ughhhhhhh. Thinking to myself, WHY didn't I just give her a bowl, just in case? There's a lot of it. It's chunky, and smelly. It's on her jammies, and blankets, and sheets, and CARPET!!! Yuck. Best plan of attack? Get her changed, on the couch with a clean blanket AND A BOWL. Gather dirty linens and start washer. Metal spatula all gook off carpet into plastic bag. Steam clean carpet FOREVER. New linens, Savi back in bed WITH BOWL. She puked 2 more times, and got it all in the bowl. Yay, so much easier that way.
Can you believe Sydney slept through ALL of this in the same room?? Angel baby.
So Savi DID stay home from school. She actually stayed on the couch until 4pm where she colored and watched the new American Girl movie, drank gingerale and nibbled crackers. She's a pretty good sick kid.
But I'm SO GLAD she is better today and back to her happy, creative, playful self!


  1. TMI on the chunky barf! So glad she's feeling better.

    I can't believe how much her face has changed since I saw her in January. She really is becoming a young lady!

    I need to come visit you guys soon!

  2. So glad the perfect child is feeling better.

  3. It's too bad that it took a bout of stomach flu for her to be home with you -- don't you enjoy those days when you get unusual quiet time with one of your children?

    I, too, enjoy it when my children are pleasant and agreeable. Spencer was wonderful today - we had TONS of chores to do - catch up from a month with no Daddy home to help get hard things done. He washed all the baseboards in the house, he unloaded the dishes, he cleaned out the fridge and wiped it all down, he helped clean the garage and totally cleaned his room AND closet. He put away his laundry. Oh, and he made chocolate chip waffles tonight to add to our "breakfast" dinner. He is such a hard worker and it makes me so happy. What's even better is when HE feels good about his contribution.

    Cherish your sweet times. That's what memories are made of... smiles!

  4. I think Savannah has her Mom's beading talent. Look at those great earrings!!! Go Savannah!!