Thursday, October 16, 2008

Are you one?

....a Flourisher, that is.

I've never heard this term until today, but I think I like it! :) I found it in a study that gives 13 signs that you will live to be a Centenarian. Simply, Less stress = Longer life.

About 17 percent of Americans are flourishers, says a study in American Psychologist. They have a positive outlook on life, a sense of purpose and community, and are healthier than "languishers"—about 10 percent of adults who don't feel good about themselves. Most of us fall somewhere in between. "We should strive to flourish, to find meaning in our lives," says Corey Keyes, Ph.D., a professor of sociology at Emory University. "In Sardinia and Okinawa, where people live the longest, hard work is important, but not more so than spending time with family, nurturing spirituality, and doing for others."

Especially in this time of economic stress, I think it's so important to remember, we choose how to react to what's going on. We can only control a small amount of what affects us, so we should try to do so in a positive way.


  1. What a soothing post! Thanks for the positive uplift! PS: I really like your new blog-do. :-)

  2. I had to switch backgrounds 'cuz Katie made her's public, and we had the same one :P

  3. I noticed that! :-) At first I thought I had clicked on the wrong page, then I realized it was the same as yours, except with different pictures!

  4. Thanks for the thought. I would love to be described as a "flourisher".

  5. I think I am.
    I hope I am.

    It's all about the 'tude!