Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Yearbook Yourself!

My friend Charisse, who I don't see enough of, emailed me this link a few weeks back and I finally spent a few minutes checking it out. It is great fun! It has a span from 1950-2000 with a popular hair/clothes style from each 2 year period, and you can superimpose your face to see what you might have looked like as a highschooler during that time. The top pic is of me in 1960, the next in 1966...I think I look alot like my Mom did in the 70's after she bobbed her hair - except it was brown of course!
I looked at the one from the year I graduated, 1994, and I don't know if that was really what was happening then....at least not for me. But take it for what it is, a fun way to see yourself a little differently. I had a few good laughs!



  1. So funny, I totally thought that first pic was Mom until I read your post!

  2. That is soooooo funny. You look hot!!!

  3. I think they used my mom's yearbook photo for the bottom one ... I've seen that exact hairstyle and sweater in her house!!!

  4. I need to visit this site and give it a try. Love it.