Sunday, October 5, 2008

Gunnar's 1/2 Birthday Party?

My kids had never been to the circus before. Is that a crime? Maybe. It is kinda pricey, and I wasn't sure they'd sit through the whole thing. The last thing I want to do on a Saturday is chase my toddler down concrete stairs and hope she doesn't bif it. That being said, we decided this was the year to brave it. It ends up that the event fell on Gunnar's 1/2 birthday, and so he thought the reason we were going was to celebrate. While that's all well and good, I didn't want to set the precedent of 2 birthday partys every year!! It's enough work on the real day!

It was great to see all the animals, the feats of strength, the guys on stilts, the cirque de soleil type stuff. They even had guy riding a motorcycle on a steel wire, with a tumbling girl underneath on a bar. They went in a complete circle a few times, crazy. And then the steel cage in the shape of a ball, they stuck 7 guys on motorcycles in there. There has to be some trick to it, but I couldn't figure out how none of them colided with the others. I didn't even think they would all fit in there! It was nuts. The kids loved the clowns of course and all the silliness and slap-stick humor. It was a great time.

We went to the 11am show, and by the time we got home the kids were all OUT. I think they were so overstimulated from all that went on. It was loud and exciting! I hope they'll have good memories of it all though.


  1. You have do do the circus at least ONCE in a lifetime -- I'm always amazed at how they can pull off the motorcycles in the ball, too!

    What a good memory! Glad you all had fun -- an outing like that will knock the kids out everytime and I think part of the exhaustion is the anticipation of the event. Once it happens, they crash!

    Happy half-birthday to Gunnar!

    PS: I made your pumpkin cookies yesterday - can you say "melt in your mouth"?!? I always have to remember to add a bit more flour at our 5000+ ft. altitude and I'm glad I did....YUM!

  2. I am so glad your kids liked it. We took our kids two years ago and they HATED it! Jackson woke up about a month after we went from a nightmare. We asked him what it was about and he said "I had a dream you made us go to the circus again". Glad you all had a great time.

  3. Happy half-birthday to Gunnar!!