Monday, October 6, 2008

Snake egg?

...not quite. Gunnar and his best bud were playing in the sandbox today. Gunnar came running in and said they had found an egg in the sand. I quickly went to check it out. They had it dug up and in a pail filled with sand and water. It was about 3 inches long and 2 inches across and oval in shape. It was slimy. It was smelly. It was gross.
I poked at it with a stick and it felt kind of leathery. It had a greyish thing poking out one end like it was starting to hatch. Yuck. Had I been more brave, I would've dissected it. However, I just chucked in in the trash and then proceeded to have the boys disinfect their hands, then I cleaned the toys they had the grotesque thing in.
I thought tonight that I'd look up snake eggs and see if that could've been what it was. It does resemble them, but after a bit of poking around I found this.

I think this is indeed what we had going on. It makes sense because it says that this type of fungus grows near rotting wood...check.....and in moist garden areas....check. Also called a stink horn. I dug around to make sure there were no more. I found 1 smaller one attached to the wooden frame of the sandbox. Grossest thing ever.


  1. ew! At least it wasn't a nest for snakes, or animal poop...that would be worse.

    I read the Hiding Place several years ago...great book.

  2. Yuck yuck yuck...I have a hard time with sandboxes (we have a big one that can't be covered) because of all the animals that can potentiallyleave bacteria and pin worms in them. So I have to NOT think about it when Samuel decides to take off his shoes to play in the yard. But I still examine it for droppings and haven't found any yet. I'm neurotic about the germy stuff.... I'm glad the "egg" wasn't really dangerous, though. That would have been much worse than just "gross".! And KUDOS to Gunnar for coming to get you! Good boy!

  3. Sick and wrong!!! If there is a gross thing to be found, leave it to kids to find it!!