Friday, October 24, 2008

'Twas the week before Halloween

...the kids were fresh out of the bath....well, two of them anyway was soaking some more!
When what should we hear, but a ghostly rap...on the door.
We ran to the door with hair wet, but clean.
To find who was waiting, to visit us, keen.
Not a soul was there, not even a mouse.
A ghost had descended on the doorstep of our house.
Bags of treats he did leave,
five, one for each to receive.
Sweet treats lay inside to chase away gloom.
Savannah promply stashed hers in her room!
48 hours we have to return the sweet favor,
or another spooking might be ours to savor.
Might not be a bad idea :)


  1. I totally remember being little and thinking that was the coolest thing ever! I'm glad your kids enjoyed it as much as I used to. All your jewerly turned out so cute, I'll have to try and make it to one of those beading parties again, now that I'll be back up there.