Sunday, October 26, 2008


Defined : A super smokin' hot deal, that leaves you with a BIG GRIN on your face, a spring in your step and a song in your heart.

I love my Black Clogs. I have had them for 3 years and I think I've about loved them TO DEATH. The poor things have done their duty. To this end, I have been shopping around the last few weeks to find a suitable replacement. This is no easy task for a Size 11 wearing woman! I used to be a 10, which was manageable, at least I could still look for shoes at most stores. However after my first 2 kids, I landed at 11 and such is my fate. No shopping at the mall stores like Mervyn's or Penneys.

Then along came DSW. My friends, this place is shoe heaven. Alot of their shoes are stocked up to Size 11, like Rocket Dog, Guess, Privo, Clarks, Born, Steve Madden, you get the idea. They also send coupons for new store openings, if you haven't made a purchase in the last month, and even when you DO purchase and earn reward points.

It just so happens that I found the perfect shoe, while I had 3 coupons in hand. DSW will take up to 3 at a time. If you're interested in which shoe, see here. They are the comfiest shoes I think I have ever worn, and cute to boot!

And to make it even better, they were priced for $49.99, retail on them is closer to $90. After my coupons for $10 off, then $20 off, and one more $15 off.....I paid a whopping $5.29 for these shoes. Now, that is a gonga! I just had to share my glee!


  1. Are you kidding? $5 for a $100 pair of shoes?!? You rock!

    I wish we had DSW. I've stopped there a few times when I've been in Dallas and they do have an awesome selection.

    I used the term 'Gonga' a while a go and the person I was talking to had no idea what it meant. Had never heard the term. It really take experiences like these to truly understand the word!

  2. I almost scanned the receipt because I wouldn't believe it if it didn't happen to me!

  3. Dude! They come in a 12! Where can I find those coupons???? I'm all over those very cute shoes. Is that all right with you, Nat?

  4. Whoo hoo! You rock! I think they look SO comfy and warm for the fall. Enjoy every minute of your GoNga bargain! :-)

  5. Go for it Muth! As far as the coupons go, I think if you register for their reward program (free) you will get them occasionally. You can do that on-line or in the store. You can rock em, even if you're a grandma!! ;P

  6. oh my gosh I can't believe you use this word too! My mom and sisters say it and people make fun of us! I'm going to send them this link!