Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Fall Weekend Review

It was like the 1st week of summer, all over again! (minus the trip to Cali to see cousins) The kids had a plan for each day, and I, the nice Mommy, obliged them. It was nice to get out and play with all 3, since lately errands, homework, etc don't leave much time for the outings we used to enjoy.

Thursday we went to The Living Planet Aquarium, where the stars of the show are the Manta Rays that you can pet. They had a new Octopus that was so spell-binding, I could've watched all day. Also a fun bio-center where you could touch stars, horseshoe crabs and other weird looking creatures. We spent 2-3 hours checking stuff out, they even had a play area that looked like a coral reef with tunnels and enclosed aquariums throughout that Sydney ran her little diaper off in! I'm glad I paid $33 for an annual pass, instead of $20 for the one day visit. I have a feeling it'll get a lot of use.

Friday we went and saw Kung Fu Panda at the dollar theater. Mom EVEN bought popcorn, something we try to tell the kids we don't have to do every time we see a movie, so it's a real treat. We smuggled in some capri suns and candies too. Bad Mommy, I know, but who wants to pay $3 for a bag of Skittles? Robbery, I tell you. We loved the flick, nice lesson about believeing in yourself.

Saturday we went as a family to a 3D Funhouse - 1st time in Utah!! OK, this left us feeling seriously ripped off. We paid $20 for a family pass to tour 2 tents filled with glowy paint and phosphroescent bubbles that made our skin itch. They didn't even use the paints right. With the 3D glasses on, the monster's bellies were concave and belts stuck out at you and such... Oh, and part of it was caved in, we had to practically crawl through on section of it....I don't think that was by design. The kids thought it was great, 5 minutes later when we were done, but Dad and Mom felt conned. Oh well, lesson learned. When the sign at the front says boldly, NO REFUNDS, you should be suspicious!

Yesterday, we went to the Scarecrow Festival. This is an annual fair put on by the Westridge Academy, a program for troubled teens. All the proceeds go to the program, and they have their students working all the booths. SO FUN! Tons of bouncy houses and slides and obstacle courses, face painting, pony rides, entertainment, clowns, really bad live music and all the like. We played for 4 hours and came home happy and pooped! I even got a little burned, it was such a beautiful day. The kids loved their face paint. The pics are after we got home, they'd played and had sno cones and everything so the paint is about done...but they still thought they looked awesome, and that's what's important!!

The house feels especially peaceful today....I wonder why? No I don't - it's because they're back in school. Hope you survived as well as we did! Next week - Halloween Candy Hangover!!


  1. So fun to make memories -- and it's so nice to be back to the routine, too. Thanks for sharing your highlights and the pics -- and at least your $20 rip off was only $20! Lesson learned and word-of-mouth will cost them more than they took from you. I almost don't know what to do with myself when it's peaceful. Sometimes I just sit and enjoy it! :-)