Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Birthday Nightmares

It us upon us...Birthday Season. March is when we sing that happy song to my sister Sara, Chris' Mom, Chris and Gunnar.

In our little clan, we begin having "friend parties" in Kindergarten, and then every other year the kids can have one, and then "just family parties" on the years in between.

I asked Gunnar yesterday what he thinks would be fun for his 1st friend party this year. I was thinking a Pirate Treasure Hunt, or something to do with Space, Volcanoes, Flesh Eating Plants....all favs of his.
But what does his little "almost 6-yr-old" heart desire??

Chuck E. Cheese.

REALLY? Why does every child like this place? Do they not realize that the pizza tastes like salted cardboard? Germs multiply at rates not known to mankind in any other corner of the world? Pedophiles like to stalk the bathrooms? Really? This is my worst nightmare....He may as well have asked for a CHUCKY themed's the same degree of heinousness IMHO.

So after hmmming and hawing I suggested another place that has pizza AND games AND mini golf, among other things...AND the staff actually keeps the place pretty clean....and makes a decent pizza. Boondocks, the anti-Chuck E. Cheese. He agreed! I'm saved from the ravages of the Giant Mouse and his evil Robot Friends...for at least a couple of years, anyway. Whew.

Now on to the reservations and invitations.


  1. That chuck e is a nasty nasty place. We still go about once every other month on a rainy, cold saturday...just to keep the kids happy and our sanity in tact. The ONLY way to do chuck e cheese is to buy their brand of string cheese. it's only 3 cents more than the other brands. We go through a pack about once a week with my two non-meat eater picky palate children. There is a coupon on the back for 12 free tokens ($3 worth). We save them up, then head out for a day of fun and don't spend a dime..well except on the cheese, which we would have purchased anyway.
    happy party planning!

  2. Way to be diplomatic and think of a WAY better place.

  3. that place is so gross!! way to steer him in a different are such a great mom!

  4. Congrats on talking him into another place!! THAT is a huge accomplishment.

  5. Free token coupons on the cheese? How did I miss that? Thanks for the heads-up!

  6. That's exactly why we went to Jungle Jim's Playland for Reagan's b-day last year. It was cheaper, perfect for kindergarten aged kids with rides, pizza, games, cake and pinata. After about 1st grade they are done with it and want Boondocks, but Boondocks has some things they can't do because they are too small. I am hoping we can hold off on boondocks until like 4th grade or so!! Good luck. I'm sure it will be fun no matter what, because its celebrating his big day.

  7. You just reminded me about my second date with Jimmie. He ended up taking me to my surprise birthday party! I was so embarrassed when I realized what was happening because I'd been all "he so wants me" when he called to ask me out, and then figured out my roommates had put him up to it! All's well that ends well, though.

  8. Samuel and Spencer crawled under the table (in Ohio) when we had lunch at CEC's when the man in the mouse suit tried to approach them. Terrified and scarred for life, I tell you. And the place is dirty....same as playland at McD's. Two of my kids got pink eye after we played there while waiting for my car to get worked on at the dealership next door. NeVAH aGAIN. Kudos for listening to him and proposing something acceptable to both! The month of May is birthday extravaganza here - 4 in 2 weeks plus mother's day and father's day and mom and dad's anniversary.... yikes!