Thursday, March 26, 2009

Down the Drain

I volunteered to contribute some Frogeye Salad to our Mother Daughter "Tea and Etiquette" Party that is happening tomorrow evening. (I feel compelled to mention that there will not be any ACTUAL tea, most likely the beverage will be a fizzy and sherbet combo pleasing to those of the 8-11 year old set) It will be a fun activity with fingerfoods, my scrumptious side salad, and delicate desserts. We even have a craft planned!

After happily boiling my acini de pepe to Frogeye perfection, I went to drain them. I needed to use my strainer because they are so small, and it gave out on me!!! Arrrrghhhhh! A pound of pasta literally DOWN THE DRAIN. Dumb strainer... I even scalded myself in an attempt to save the stuff!

The only saving grace is that I picked up an extra box to keep in the pantry today. So now I am not as happily boiling the 2nd batch, but I'm grateful that I am not having to make a 10pm run to the grocery store.

When it's done, I will use this little made up contraption below. It's the best I've got for now. Do they make colanders with really small acini de pepe-proof holes? That's what I'd REALLY like to know.

On a happier note...
look what jumped into my cart today and screamed, "I'm only $5, what else can bring you such happiness at that price?" So home it came...and it is already doing a great job.


  1. Mmmmmm...frogeye! LOVE that stuff!

  2. Yes, yes, yes! They make a mesh strainer that I use to drain my frog eye pasta. You must get one! Sorry it busted on you.

    I am totally laughing right now, because you and I were simultaneously making frog eye salad tonight without knowing it. What are the chances?? We share a brain.

    Meg's coming for a slumber in my guest room tomorrow night (last pre-baby hurrah and break from the kiddos) and LOVES her frogeye. Nice husband, huh?

  3. Um yeah, husbands that take on the kids solo, ROCK! Nice to have a little babymoon with the girlfriends. I'm sure you enjoyed all your chocolate cake and frogeye salad. Did you also have Guac Torillaz??