Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Springtime Snowmen

Dear Dad,

You missed most of the snow yesterday. It was the BEST kind. We got AT LEAST 9 inches at our house. It makes awesome snowballs, and Syndey ate ALOT of it. Mostly off the grass, but she got some off the running boards of Mom's car before Mom noticed and told her that snow was dirty. We all had a fun day...

Today we remembered that last time we had a storm, you wanted us to make a snowman for you that you would be able to see when you came home from New York. We didn't have a chance that time, so we thought we'd do it this time.

Ta Da!
This is Gunnar's "Boy Snowman"
..and here we have Savannah's "Girl Snowman" (and Sydney helped, but she ate more jellybeans than anything else)
Aren't they cool? We hope you like them, because we built them for YOU (we didn't have any fun at all doing it, none at all...LOL).
Maybe they'll still be here when you get home.
We love you, 3 Critters


  1. Cute. I like that the 'girly snowman' appears to have a lap!

  2. You have SUCH a better attitude about spring snow than I EVER did! Cute snowmen.

  3. If you can't beat 'em.....join 'em. And be happy about it!