Sunday, March 1, 2009

Of Four Legged Friends

It seems lately that my kids have been doing a lot of beggin' for one of these furry little guys....Chris likes cats. I hate them. And no, hate is not a strong word in this case. It's not gonna happen....EVA! I think I might be agreeable to one of these cute dogs pictured below....I've always loved Chocolate Labs. Chris is not such a fan of dogs. He doesn't like the barking, etc. It would have to be inside quite a bit of the time....since we live in Utah. Maybe if we lived in California, it wouldn't be such an issue. But, I digress..
So, Mom could handle a dog. Dad could handle a cat. Neither is willing to compromise. So we don't. We just remain a petless family who oohs and ahhs and cuddles other people's animals. That's been working out for us. Remember that it took the kids about 3 weeks to notice when their fish died? Yeah....

Fast-forward to last week. Chris begins asking the kids if they would like a skunk for a pet. WHAT? Yes, he informs us, they remove the glands that produce the stinky spray, and you can have one in your very own home! Since we can't agree on cat v. dog....we'll just get a little Pepe Le Peu of our very own!
Ummmm.....Daddy, have you done your research? Are they even LEGAL in Utah...or any other state besides West Virginia???? Surely no one in their right mind would sign up for this....right?

Thank you Wikipedia. I hopped on and quickly discovered that not only are they ILLEGAL in our state, but they are also one of the hardest domesticated animals to train and care for....let alone finding a vet who knows what to do if something were to go wrong.

I'll take a dog over a skunk any day, thank you very much. But maybe we'll have to wait until we live in a more hospitable climate so it can be an "outside" dog.


  1. wow--a skunk?? smell or no smell, they don't really seem like a cuddly type of creature. i love animals, but they belong outside...they have fur for a reason. :)

  2. So I had this perfectly worded comment on here, and pressed the wrong button and whammo, DELETED!!

    Still debating over the dog subject, eh? IMO it should be a requirement for all men and women preparing for marriage to have some serious counseling on marriage, and some pet therapy. Pets can cause so much contention among couples. You need to agree or at least agree to disagree.

    Cats think they are in charge, and will convince everyone they meet of just such a thing. Dogs live to please their owners. They want nothing more than love, food, and exercise.

    My opinion added: Dogs are better!!!

    Good luck on this continuing debate.

  3. Other People's Pets is totally the way to go. And you don't have to PAY someone to take care of them when you leave town.

    Seriously, pets keep me from visiting people. Oh, that sounded like at threat and it wasn't meant to. I'm just sayin. I don't stay with people who have inside pets. Blaming it on my allergies is PC and true. But I still wouldn't, even if I didn't have allergies!

  4. The dad of a high school girlfriend of mine was on a business trip in Texas and saved two baby skunks when their mom got hit by a car. Brought them home to California, got them de-stinked and they kept them as household pets. Courtney said that they could have tempers but her mom absolutely loved them treated them like fluffy little kitties or puppies. Even took them to the groomer for baths. NO FANK YOU!!!

  5. ok you SO need to go to a joke shop and buy some skunk spray and spray something of your husbands (that can be thrown away later) THEN borrow a friend's litter box to remind him of THAT smell...
    Or just spend 10 minutes with one of the "cat ladies" from church (you know you have some, there's one in every congregation) and remind him that THIS is what will become of you (crocheted I heart my cat sweatshirt and all) if you get a cat. Go for a run in a dog park and step in some puppy dookie...I think you'll have the nagging for a pet department covered. Buy a webkins next time you're at walmart!

    We might venture into fish ownership. A feeder fish. That way he will die around the same time the novelty wears off!

  6. Ummm, I think I'd like Kasey to keep on visiting -- Mark's family has cat allergies and I hate dog hair, so we are a petless family as well. We love other people's dogs and stay far away from cats, who carry ringworm far too often for me to think about petting them. The vet bills are horrendous and it's a hassle to board them when you want to leave town, even for 2 days. One of my friends' dogs got kennel cough and died within weeks of being in a kennel while the owners vacationed. Skunks are like rodents, in my opinion. Glad they are illegal. They probably carry rabies more often than not, too. Love, petless and lovin' the freedom in AZ!

  7. I'm down with O.P.P.! (Other People's Pets) Nice. I think we're keeping things as they are. S- We have had the conversation about having to board an animal to leave town etc. Chris is not one to have his freedom limited if he can help it, so that's a big draw against ANY kind of pet.
    And the smell.....we went to the pet store to "hold puppies" last week, and I swear, the piddle smell from the bottom of this little silkie terrier's feet took 24 hrs to wash off!

  8. I am happy to know that we aren't the only family that is and will be depriving our children of a pet. It makes it easy in our house because Erik doesn't really like animals period (I know string him up). The kiddos would LOVE a dog, but we tell them that when they are parents they can buy a dog. Pretty soon not buying your kids a pet will be considered child abuse. Our kids think so anyway!! Good luck-we need to stick together!!