Monday, March 9, 2009

It's Just Another Manic Monday

Whoa, Whoa...I wish it were a Sunday
Whoa, Whoa...'Cuz that's my FunDay..

That little song has been going through my head all day. What is it about MONDAYS lately? Last Monday I spent the day taking G to the Dr to diagnose Strep and get antibiotics in him and nurse him back to health. That is definitely NOT what I would choose to do with a Monday, if given the choice, which apparently I wasn't. But, I suppose it could've been worse.

This Monday started OK. There's the whole DST issue, where you are all sleepy, and the kids don't believe you when you say it's time to get up for school. Because it's too incredibly dark for it to possibly be close to the time they need to get up. THEN, you get the kids into the FREEZING car and turn the ignition, and CLICK, CLICK, CLICK...nothing. The battery is dead. This is the 3rd time within the last 2 months and I'm biting my tongue to keep from screaming at the kids about leaving the lights on in the car...

"OK, kids, I guess we're walking" we start walking down the street, with only 5 minutes until school starts (and Mom is only in a sweatshirt, no jacket, BRILLIANT). Luckily our neighbor, who is on his way to drop his kids at the school sees us and offers to take the kids the rest of the way. Nice neighbor! Crisis averted.

I head home, and call my LIFESAVER, Liz, who has jumped me within the last month when the car died at the sledding hill because the power door was opened and closed over and over and over....but I digress. SO, Lifesaver Liz comes over and gives me a jump. I run the car for at least 30 minutes (while we chat in the driveway, and then I actually drove around the neighborhood too)....turn it off, go inside and get showered and the baby dressed. This takes less than an hour. We go get in the car because it is my turn to pick up kindergarten carpool. CLICK, CLICK, CLICK....DEAD. Okay, I guess nobody left a light on, it's just REALLLLLY dead.

Another call to Liz, she picks up carpool and comes to jump me again. I drive straight to Costco only to find out they will not install their own batteries! What EVA. Luckily the car started again since it had only been 10 minutes before we figured this out. Went to Walmart, and they were happy to sell me a battery AND install it. Will wonders never cease?

I so don't BIG RED PUFFY HEART Costco today.

I did go back after the battery was installed though, because I did have a list of other things to pick up, AND Liz asked if I could pick some eggs up for her. It was the least I could do, after she's saved me TWICE today. I showed up on her doorstep, eggs in hand, "Here are some eggs. Thanks for saving my bacon!"

All's well that ends well and all that crap, but if things happen in 3s...I think I'll just stay in bed next Monday!


  1. What's life without a little adrenaline adventure and some cussing and good friends to BAIL YOU OUT? I hate it when the crises hit when you're on a SCHEDULE, too! I SO DON'T big red puffy heart those experiences! :-)Although, it's those things that make the regular days that much sweeter and the friends that much dearer. Thanks to Liz for taking care of you times 2! PS: Monday at home in Pajamas and nothing to do sounds good to me!...Just to be safe, I say DO IT!

  2. I didn't even do any cussing until 2 hours after I was done unlading from Costco, taking out a diaper bomb, and I noticed that I had left the Skinny Cow ice cream bars on Chris' workbench....I was going to put them in the freezer inside...Freaking Freak! I think they might be OK though since it's FREEZING in the garage today.

  3. So sorry to hear about your Monday. I also DrAgGeD all day. In fact, we were going to go for a run at 5:30 and Jimmie said, "Why don't we just take a 30 minute nap and then we'll go?" 90 minutes later, I awoke from the most marvelous slumber. And it'll probably screw me up for the rest of the week. But it was exactly what I needed to cure my headache and sleepiness.

    Hunker down next Monday!

  4. Mondays are lame. And why always a dead battery when it is either FREEZING or a ZILLION degrees outside? Never on a perfect spring day, when you might enjoy being leisurely.

    Glad to hear you have a good friend to come rescue you. Yay for your walmart. I parked next to a redneck PICKING (oh AND EATING) his nose today, spent 2 hrs (and $40 on stuff I don't need) waiting for the pharmacy, and then got the full details of the intestinal problems and bloated bowels from the cashier, who held my debit card hostage until she'd finished her story.

    Here's to a happy, sunny, productive tuesday!

    And what are you doing eating Skinny Cow when you live in the CREAMIES homeland?! mmmmm banana chocolate Creamies. It's been so long! Wish we had them here.

  5. Meg, your Walmart sounds *swell*. I think that has to do with your local community, no? Seriously, is it ever a good idea to talk about the condition of your bowels??? Hell-O NO!
    LOL about the creamies. Celebrities are never appreciated in their hometown....or something like that. I enjoy myself a good creamie here and there, but they don't play hard to get with me, so I don't chase 'em. :)

  6. K - I'd Nap over Run EVERY TIME if given the option! Unfortunately the run is what gets me away from the kids....the nap is a KID MAGNET...much like the phone.

  7. Oh no! I have had days like that too! I can't believe they wouldn't install the battery.

    GIRL do you have my phone number. I drive to the same school and I live close. You should be calling me for help. Walking to school in the weather today, that's just terrible!

    Give yourself a nice long break ALL DAY tomorrow. Opps you can't, your a mother.

  8. Yeah, I might be more upset if my ice cream melted on the workbench, too. Esp if I had to mop the floor underneath it all! But hey, if it's freezing, then maybe they're okay. Have you eaten one yet?

  9. LOL- the icecream ended up being OK....the ones on the bottom had started to slide apart, but they tasted just fine....and the ones on top were perfect. So, no real problem after all, but I didn't dare check until I had them in the freezer for a couple hours first...

  10. Thanks for calling me the lifesaver, I can NOT even count the number of times you have helped me out. Let's just call mine a few drops in the bucket. I just REALLY appreciate the wake up call. ( I really HATE daylight savings...)