Friday, March 20, 2009

36 years ago today...

...our favorite guy came into this world.

We're celebrating Chris' birthday! The kids have been so excited preparing, shopping for gifts, and wrapping them.

There's not much these kids wouldn't do for their hard-working, adventure-loving, cuddly, game playing, wrestling, fun Daddy!

This same scene plays out most Sunday nights, and plenty other ones too. Dad, the human playground... :)

Each birthday, the person celebrating gets to choose what meal we will enjoy for dinner. Either one that Mom (um, that's me) makes, or ordering take out. On the birthday menu tonight, India Fusion. Then cake, ice cream and presents...oh boy, is he getting spoiled!
Here's hoping and wishing for a year filled with lots more adventure and fun! We love you!

Now, off to make the dark chocolate cake, per the request of the Birthday Boy.


  1. Happy b-day Chris. What a lucky guy to have wife that MAKES him a dark chocolate cake. Enjoy!!

  2. Umm, did somebody say DARK CHOCOLATE cake? I may need that recipe...

  3. Say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to him for me!!!