Wednesday, March 18, 2009

For The Record

The Tooth Fairy has been to our house TWICE within 4 days!
Savannah's 2 front teeth are G-O-N-E.

In their place are 2 shiny gold dollars. I was thinking she might leave a bonus for the extra trauma involved in losing them so close together, alas, no. I guess it doesn't work that way.

I was thrilled to discover that her cool teacher, Miss Y, has a Tooth Bag tradition. The most recent "loser" gets to take home a tote of books all about losing teeth. She had it over the weekend, ended up home sick (Strep revisited, don't get me started) on Monday (didn't I say, they come in threes? Manic Mondays, that is.), but ended up losing her other tooth that day, so it all worked out, because she would've taken it home again.

LOVE awesome teachers!

On another note, as I was checking her throat for Strep on Monday, I noticed her left earring had "fallen out" or so I thought. I saw the earring's back on her ear, and went to look at it....noticed the post was still THOUGH the back. The front of the earring had gone INTO her ear! I had to push it back out through the front.

Can you say OUCH?!?!

So, at the Dr we had a stronger antibiotic prescribed that will take care of the Strep AND the ear trauma, not to mention the teeth that are forcing their way in. She's back to normal now (toothless wonder that she is)...

But if I have another Monday like the last 3, I'm gonna boycott.

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  1. the tooth bag idea is cute.

    I had an earring hoop go through my ear when I was little and REFUSED to put earrings back in after that. my holes closed up and I had to repierce them years later when I decided to wear earrings again. Get some hydrogen peroxide on her ear so it doesn't get infected from whatever germs may have been on the earring. Poor thing. I still cringe when I think of the pain of having it pulled through!