Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Mr. Strep, your time is short

Dear Strep,
You've had your fun. You showed up on a Sunday, with your throat searing, head exploding, body aching fury. You gave my little guy a fever that knocked him flat. And that's not an easy thing to do. Have you met him when he's healthy? No, I guess not.

He was too sapped of energy to change the channel on the TV from a news talk show to his beloved Qubo cartoons. That's saying alot. He was just laying there, face down, on the couch, in his attempt to start the normal routine.

You knew you had a full 24 hours before I would decide to take him to the Dr....but that time is up now. Yesterday we went, we swabbed at your germiness. The test confirmed that you were there. We know what your Kryptonite is. OMNICEF. Kinda scary huh? Yeah, it's kicking your butt. My little guy no longer has a fever. And we're gonna keep socking it to you. For 9 more days. See ya! Don't come back now, y'hear?


  1. ok, natalie, i love reading your daily posts...you are so funny. i hope your son is feeling better.

  2. I am SO glad he's feeling better -- nothing like seeing your invincible little boy sick enough to make a mom worry. I love how after 2 doses of antibiotics they can spring back! Isn't that amazing?

  3. oh I HATE omniceff! Reese is allergic...and Quincy gets PINK poop from it! Apparently that can be a typical side effect...so gross.

    Good luck with your sickies, I hope everyone feels much better soon!

  4. Next to tampons and mascara, antibiotics are one of God's greatest inventions.

  5. I BIG PUFFY RED HEART Omnicef! Plus Gunnar is allergic to Penicillin, and this one is the next best for infections in the ENT areas... I always make sure my kids eat yogurt EVERYDAY while on antibiotics to beef up their good bacterias, to avoid the #2 problems...maybe that's why I've never experienced the "pink poopy" issues...
    Plus, it tastes like cherries, and is not so chalky the next day...or so G informs me..