Thursday, March 5, 2009

Thursday's Good Things

After 2 1/2 days of hurricane force winds, the snow came and silenced our little corner of the world. Sweet silence. I was SO TIRED (because the whipping wind was constantly beating at our house, not too conducive to sleep) last night and it was much needed.We woke up to 5-6 inches of the BEST kind of snow! The kind that doesn't require shoveling. The temps had been in the 60's and quickly plunged to the 20' it didn't stick on the roads, sidewalks or driveways!

The trees didn't escape it though, they are pretty heavy-laden.

Notice how much it stacked up on the rails of the deck.

Ahhhh, the blue sky is back! Yesterday, you couldn't see past your nose for all the brown dust that the winds had been kicking up..

More good things:

Kids who can self-serve their snacks...

Open-faced Omelets for lunch (and Danimals to counteract the negative effects of antibiotics on the digestive system)...

Gargantuan Lime... get a load of him!Big Lime + Diet Pepsi = True Love 4EVA

What are some of your GOOD THINGS?


  1. You lucky duck! We got about 6 inches on the grass/planters and about 4-5 on our driveway and walks. I just got in from shoveling for an hour!

    As for my good things: wonderful friends (you're one of the best!), my kids' laughter, a piece of hot toast with homemade strawberry freezer jam...I think I'm going to go and make some.

  2. You know that lime squeezer is one my favorite good things! I need to remember to send to you. Other good things about today:

    Neti pots

    Fresh cut tulips for $5

    Brand new pothos to replace my dead one

    A new garbage disposal that's finally installed a (quietly) functioning

    A big fat check in my bank account ;)

  3. I was not welcoming the snow, however small, and pretty!

    I love Diet coke and fresh lime. Not a Pepsi girl.

    Today... I am posting my good things too. Eventually.

  4. ok, random, but when I was waitressing, they told me to cut the limes crosswise(opposite of how it is sliced in the pic), because you can squeeze more from them...unless you have one of those awesome lime juicers like kaseys..then ANY way you slice it you will get a lot of juice no matter what!

    wish my kids fixed their own snacks more often!

    Today I am loving the warm weather, a book, fresh bread, leftover spaghetti, and ALDI.

  5. Good Things = Girls Night

    Here's to many more to come...

  6. Good things:

    Sunny Saturday
    Bills Paid
    Checkbooks Balanced
    Kids Quiet/Napping Baby
    Laundry Done
    Floors Clean
    Now, I want some soda with lime....