Friday, March 13, 2009

Tooth Drama

Savi was late getting her teeth. She was about 9 mos old when the first one decided to finally break through, although she had been teething for 3 months. It was a long haul.

She didn't lose her 1st tooth until last year, the 2nd one followed the week after...then nothing. The last couple of months she has been complaining that her top 2 are loose. So much so, that some days she will not eat a sandwich because they hurt. But it's been coming and going, pretty strange if you ask me.

The last couple of days I had been hearing about the teeth bothering her so much I had just about had it. Then, at the dinner table, she is saying, "Look Mom", and wiggling this tooth, back and forth, forward and backward, and it was totally grossing me out. I mean, I was trying to eat....I'm not a DDS. I informed her that I didn't want to see it anymore, and I really was tired of hearing about it. She complied, for a bit.

After dinner, she wiggled it some more and came and showed it to me again. Oh JOY. I looked though, and noticed that it was completely detached in the back and hanging on by the teenisiest thread in the front. She said it wasn't ready to come out. "OH, YES IT IS" I said. "If only so I don't have to hear about it all day!" I told her to go get a napkin and bring it to me.

The drama began.



Collapsing in a heap on the floor.

All the while hollering, "It's MY tooth, I get to decide!"

I calmly said, "Savannah. Come over here. I will not hurt you, I am your Mom. Why don't you trust me?" Later she would relate to her Dad over the phone that I said, "Come over here, or I WILL hurt you!" Not true, but in her hysterical state, you can see how she may have thought she heard that.

Finally I stood her between my legs and wrapped an arm around her shoulders. With the other hand I wiped her tears, and told her to calm down. I then put the napkin on either side of the tooth and with the smallest amount of pressure, I pulled. Out came the tooth.

She couldn't believe it. "It's out?"
(big smiles and hysterical little giggle)

Oh, the drama!

This was 5 minutes later, you can still tell she had been crying. I CAN'T WAIT for the hormones, can you? (The 2nd one is a week behind I think....hopefully close enough that she'll remember she can trust her Mean Mom).


  1. gross...I HATED having teeth pulled. My dad would tie a string around the tooth and the other end to a door knob and slam the door shut to get our teeth out. I usually waited until they came out on their own rather than resort to the torture!
    Can't wait to hear the report on the tooth fairy's visit to your house.

  2. Man, I do not miss having loose teeth and pulling them out! Glad she'll live to lose another.

  3. I LOVE tooth drama... Just wait until your daughter THINKS the tooth fairy didn't come and really finds out that the tooth fairy was locked out and couldn't get in, so she taped the money to the outside of the back door in a ziploc bag. Talk about drama with that one...

  4. I NEVER let my mom pull my teeth out--although she tried to talk me into it many times...but I did love the anticipation of waiting for the tooth fairy to come.

  5. What a drama -- Matthew loses teeth in dozens, I'm not kidding. We had several of those sessions before I just let HIM pull them out when they were too floppy. It seemed like his entire mouth was loose all at the same time and hung on by a thread FOREVER. The molars were the grossest by far! I hope the tooth fairy brought something memorable for her -- and may the next session be a little more trusting!