Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Traditions - St Patrick's Day Style

What is a holiday, without festive food, I ask you? Corned Beef and Cabbage, the traditional meal O' THE IRISH.

My Dad always prepared this with a mustard and brown sugar glaze, and I don't like it any other way. I also used to request this as my "birthday dinner" growing up.

It's so tasty, and I thank the heavens for the Irish every year as I get ready to prepare this meal! I especially like the carrots, they remind me of gold coins at the end of the rainbow.. YUM!THE GOLD HUNT! Look at all the green on those kids. Our neighbors host this each year, and it is always highly anticipated.

You collect the gold, you trade it for a Sack O'Candy.
Check out the adorable guardians of the potluck Pot O'Candy. Cute, but very protective!
The leprechauns hid SO MUCH gold this year that the bag broke before we were through.
Savi had half a bag full by the time I caught up with her.
Gunnar bit some to see if it was the real deal. "Yup, it's hard as a rock, must be real," says he.
Our little friend Lissy was the lucky finder of a golden egg, with real cash inside.
If we ever move, we're going to have to introduce this custom to a new neighborhood. It's super-fun, and magically delicious!
My kids were hopped up on sugar for hours.

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  1. Ooooh, I missed my corned beef and cabbage this year, but Jimmie had left town that day and I was NOT ABOUT to make it for myself!

    Oh yeah, and the RS Birthday dinner was the same night, so I did that instead. Maybe we'll have to do St. Patty's dinner one month later - he gets home Apr 17th!