Friday, March 27, 2009

Gunnar's 6th Birthday!

" Happy Birthday to you! You smell like a zoo, you look like a monkey and you play like one too.

A party today, at Boondock's we'll play! We'll eat cake and ice cream and spend HALF THE DAY! "

"Happy Happy Birthday Gunnar Dear, Happy Days will come to you all year. If I had a wish then it would be a STINKY STINKY Bithday to you from me. "

I sang songs of this nature for the 20 minutes this morning that we were getting dressed and ready in the same vicinity. It's kinda my thing, I'm silly like that. Gunnar tried to grimace at me and act like he didn't like it....but I know he did.

Not only did he get to wear the Birthday Crown at school, he was also the VIP today. We put together a poster of pictures and he provided narration to his classmates. ( the quietest voice I've ever heard come out of his cute mouth! I didn't even know he was capable of speaking that softly. I actually asked him to speak up for the first time in his life!)

His classmates then got to ask questions:

Q: Why do you like volcanoes so much?
A: Because they're interesting and I just got a book about them at the book fair.

Q: What is your favorite ice cream?
A: Rainbow Sherbet. (REALLY??? That's news to Mom...2nd surprise of the day after the quiet talking..)

Q: What is your favorite candy?
A: Whistle Pops (nice and old school!)

Q: What is your favorite cake?
A: The one my Mom made me last night with confetti. (See below, the coolest confetti EVER!)

I just loved that all the kids' questions revolved around treats. They were too cute! Gunnar picked out Fun Dips to hand out to all his classmates as a birthday treat. I NEVER let him buy them because the dyed sugar always ends up staining his fingers for a week....he crunches through the stick and then has nothing else to dip, but the fingers!

We did the 9x13 pan for easy transporting to the party.

Check that close up! Isn't it so fun and colorful?

These are the "family presents". We'll open these tomorrow when Dad is home. It's killing Gunnar, he's already shaken them all and commented on the strange shapes of a couple of them. He can't figure it out and he's anticipating like crazy. That's half the fun, you know!

Happy Birthday to our FAVORITE son!!


  1. I have a favorite son too! Easy to have a favorite when there is only one.

    Happy Birthday to your little guy. Jacob turns 7 is a few weeks. So they are just a year apart. Who do you like for 2nd grade at Park Lane? Lindsey had Mrs. Jones and I was iffy on her.

  2. Happy Birthday Gunnar...You TOTALLY rock!!! Star-girl says Happy Birthday too...

  3. Laura, Savannah has Miss York (Will be Mrs. Goldsmith, she's getting married over spring break) and absolutely loves her! She's young and has some fantastic new methods she is trying out...Savi especially likes Sunshine Math. She also seems to have a lot of energy and endless patience. I hear Mrs Sponbeck is also a great teacher, I don't have any personal experience with her however.

  4. Happy Birthday to Gunnar! Sounds like a FAB day! I had forgotten about whistle pops and fun dip - haven't bought candy like that in a LONG time! Maybe we'll just have to try the out again on our kids! :-) Easter is a-comin'!