Monday, January 5, 2009

Aunt Kasey came to town

"kiss me" Kasey, circa 1979
Aunt KC in action!

Aunt Kasey breezed in on Tuesday night, and I have been having such a party, I haven't had time to post! We've played with the kids, devised and executed a plan for our family reunion this summer - including finding 2 large vacation rentals (there are 35 of us) and securing them, gone to a movie, done marathon shopping - scoring gongas along the way, made some yummy shared favorite foods, visited her college roommate who I hadn't seen since I was probably 15, and she even watched the kids Saturday night while Chris and I had a movie date!! Isn't she the sweetest?

She's the best friend a sister could ask for! We love you K. XO


  1. I'm sad I missed my chance to meet up with you guys! I was a prisoner to food poisoning and the in laws. What a lethal combination!

    Looks like you guys had fun, I'm sure I'll see pictures soon.

    That is a wicked picture of kiss-me-camping-kasey! I love the socks with sandals.

  2. Awww, wasn't she so adorable? Still is! I'm glad you had a fun time -- the kids seem to really bond when family can stay for more than a day or two. Happy times -- thanks for all the InCLINE organization -- I'll send some funds to you! Love, S

  3. Sisters are the best! I noticed you reviewed Benjamin Button. I thought I liked it while watching it but as time passed I thought the story was just tragic and it was way too long. We could have done without the many many years of Brad Pitt hidden as a old man doing yucky stuff.... I still enjoyed it but there were flaws.

  4. I hear you on the movie Laura. The brothel scene was a bit gratuitous, and I think on a whole his character was VERY self-centered. I mean, what did he contribute to the world by his existance....? A life without purpose or meaning is not worth much in my book.

  5. How did I miss this??

    All I have to say about that picture is that I'm SO THANKFUL for braces a few years later! That shirt was also the reason that Pat Roberts (Parien's dad) gave me hard time at church...that was kinda creepy to an 8 yr old. Isn't it funny to realize that in that picture I'm the same age as Savannah?