Friday, January 9, 2009

Happy Birthday TWO you!

Sweet Sydney,
You're two today! Happy Birthday! It makes me stop and reflect, especially because you're our last baby, and those baby years are pretty much done. I am so grateful for your little personality and for all you contribute to our family.
You've had to grow up fast, with Sissy and Buddy to keep up with. They love to play with you - Savannah treats you like a real life doll (which sometime drives you crazy, especially when she tries to pick you up), while for Gunnar, you are his playmate-dream-come-true. You two can play together for hours and just be happy, "after Kindergarten time" has given you just that. You are up for anything, trucks, books, wrestling, hide-outs, blocks, babies, coloring, playdough, you love it all. You were out of the high chair and booster seat in record time because you wanted to sit on the big chairs like us.
You were a born Mommy's Girl, clingy as a baby, and it drove me a little nuts to not be able to hand you off or leave you with a baby sitter, but that has now turned into the right amount of cuddles as you seek your independence. You like to cuddle when you first get up in the morning, you are a grumpy bear if you don't get your "loves" in first thing.
You have the cutest little language that is growing by the day. You like to add BEE on the end of any old word. When we get ready to go, you say SHOESSSSS, HAT-BEE and COAT-BEE. Ice cream is EYE-EYE, popcorn is POP-POP. When you see a dog, you get so excited you say DOG and then GOD, forward and backwards. You also have one of the most heinous sweet-tooths I've ever seen. When you hear a candy wrapper or the clank of a spoon on your Dad's dessert bowl, even if you're in another room, you come yelling NUM NUM NUM NUM, until whoever it is with the treat can't imagine not sharing, or better yet, getting you some of your own.
You have the most developed sense of humor I've seen on a toddler. You laugh alot, and especially love slap-stick comedy. Your siblings have been known to trip over their own feet just to get a laugh out of you! You are also very sympathetic. While watching a TV program you'll see something sad happening and a tear will run down your cheek, you'll turn to me and say "I CHY" with your little lower lip sticking out.
You are very opinionated and can be stubborn, and Mom has had to pick her battles with you. You feel as though you are entitled to everything that any other member of the family has or does. Sometimes you scream out of anger, frustration, happiness, delight, you name it. You're a screamer....and it's rubbed off on your brother, dang it!
You seem to have us all figured out. Mom and Dad have often thought that you are an old soul, and Mom finds you somewhat of a kindred spirit. We can't imagine what our lives and family would look like without you, now that you've graced them. We are so looking forward to all the humor, love and adventures we'll share as we watch you turn into who you are.
Much love, your Mommy
**And THAT was my 100th post! YAY, it's another milestone :)


  1. Happy Birthday to your Sydney! It's bittersweet watching your last (or in my case plural) grow up! She is so cute. You have a darling family.

  2. What a sweetie you have! Happy Birthday, Sydney!

  3. I love your 100th post.
    Having just spent the last week with Sdyney, I can say that you nailed her personality. :)
    Happy Birthday Sydney-BEE!

  4. Wow nice post. That's a keeper, you should print it out to keep and give it to Sydney at some point when she'll appreciate it.

  5. Yea, I love 2 year olds. She is sure a cute one.