Sunday, January 18, 2009

Finishing Touches - Girly Style

One of the locals, she says "UPPIE" alot.
My own local WHO. I hear she used to live in Whoville and was BFFs with the Grinch.
The curtains. With the little touch of black (the rod) that Oprah swears each room needs. OK, well I just happened to have that lying around. Recycling is good for the planet.
Savannah's shelves of 'stuff'. Water, lotion for the hands, various trinkets. Would you believe she keeps band-aids up there? She became hysterical when we suggested she might not need a first aid kit in bed. She loves her Ikea flower light!
The re-upholstered desk chair! I put a clear vinyl over the fabric so I shouldn't have to REre-upholster anytime soon. Savi picked out the fabric.
Love the flower add-heres, from MomMom. So cheery! The big plush daisies were from last Easter, and I found those cute plush roses at the $ spot at Targeeeee, this week. I think a V-Day item.
Fun girly-dots. I think they make the room look carbonated. I LOVE carbonation!
Yes, we carbonated the dresser IN the closet too. This WAS our changing table, but Syndey is too huge (3 ft tall as of last Monday folks!) and we change her on the floor now....But, hey, we're recycling some more. Always a good thing.
The primping place. Mini-carbonated. :)

It is so nice to have these functional, organized, happy rooms. And happy kids to boot!


  1. You have been busy. It turned out great!

  2. When I grow up I want to be like you! It looks awesome!!!

  3. Love the girly girl things! Those shelves are terrific for storage! And Savi's shelves on her wall -- reminds me of the shelves Kasey and I had on our walls as kids, full of girl stuff we had to have and didn't want to part with..... :-)

  4. LOVE the flowers, the dots and the cute chair! Love all of it!

    You tell Savannah that she takes after her Aunt Kasey, who always has a bottle of water, chapstick, ear plugs and a noisemaker within reach of her bed. Never thought about the bandaids, but that's not a bad idea... LOL!