Thursday, January 22, 2009

Rites of Passage

At our house, when you turn 8, it's a big deal.
You are suddenly old enough to decide whether you will be baptized, whether you will pierce your ears (if you are a girl - sorry Gunnar, you don't get this option). And Mom deems you responsible enough to hold your own library card.
We decided that since all of these things are pretty exciting we would space them out a bit so we don't have emotional overload. (see previous post) Last Friday we picked up the library card and used it for the first time. The baptism will happen in 2 weeks. And TODAY was the Piercing day!
We were going to do it ON her birthday (this Saturday) but I checked with the salon last week (just to be sure we didn't have a put-out b-day girl) and the lady who pierces works M-Th only...and there was NO WAY she was waiting until after her birthday! Savannah and I planned that after school I would pick her up and go to the local salon to have it done. She was adamant that it not take place at the mall jewelry store, in case she needed to scream or cry, she didn't want hoardes of spectators.
She was a bit jumpy on the drive over and said she had butterflies. She got a little nervous and was about to cry as the lady loaded the studs (she chose blue, her fave color, also matches her eyes) into the gun and talked to her about caring for the piercings. So we talked to her for a couple minutes and changed the subject until she calmed down. We had them pierce both ears at once so it would be over as quickly as possible. She didn't scream or cry, but it was hard on the Mom to see her little lobes swell up.
We're both glad it's over and done with. A little Tylenol goes a long way! She can't get enough of the mirror this afternoon.
Tomorrow she's having a "movie and pizza night" with 4 of her friends. Saturday she has a Jr Jazz game, then we'll celebrate and do family gifts that evening. Spoiled, I tell you.
Happy WEEK of Birthday Sweet Savi Girl!


  1. Yes, that IS a big deal! I had to wait until I was 14 -- times have changed, haven't they? Birthday weeks are fun -- we hope the baptism is special for Savannah and something to be cherished by all. :-)

  2. Holy posts. You have been one busy girl. Love the kids' rooms. Love the punishment (I mean consequence-sounds a little better), love the pierced ears. Keep up the good work!!

  3. Yeah, Sara had to wait until 14. I think I was 12. What were you, 8?

  4. Ummmm, I was 11. I talked her into a year early....I was supposed to wait until 12. :)

  5. From the way that sister conversation went, I am just sure that Natalie is the youngest (HA HA HA) anyway, Kenz is very happy for Savannah (jealous is probably a better word, but we are being optimistic).