Monday, January 19, 2009

Call it what it is

January in Utah is generally the same. We have several weeks of "inversion" where the cold air, along with the yuck is trapped in the valley. This picture is taken from the mountains, compliments of Chris' latest hiking adventure. He hiked Grandeur Peak on Friday and was able to get up above it all.

It's funny to me that the weathermen in Utah don't like to call this what it is. They use words like HAZE or even FOG. Of course this is not human-caused, it's nothing we can control...we just have to wait for the next system to come and blow it on through. Right.

Come on people, THIS is good old fashioned SMOG.


  1. Take a deep breath and feel the FRESH polluted stinky air.

  2. Hmmm...honestly, we don't miss it. I still remember the smell. Many of our former Utah friends had asthma living there. When they moved out of Utah County, the asthma went away, too. Then again, it was the same when Missouri friends went to Idaho. No more asthma. I guess it depends on whether you're really sensitive to what's caught in the air. Yep, call it what it is -- pollution caught in a high pressure situation.

  3. I remember once when I was driving from California to Utah in the summertime and you could not even see the mountain range as you approached it (from outside the valley) because it was completely enveloped by smog. It was nasty. Most of the nasty days here are in the summertime.