Monday, January 12, 2009

It's MY party!

Sydney had such a nice birthday! We ordered PEE-PEE, I know that doesn't sound appetizing to you, but it's PIZZA. :) We opened presents, then we had cherry chip cake ala pepto colored frosting along with rainbow sherbet and cookie dough icecream. She still doesn't really like cake, but she loves her EYE-EYE, she had a little of both flavors!

She was a hoot opening presents. She had to do it HERself, and kept walking around the room to get away from her siblings who couldn't resist helping her. In the picture above with Gunnar, he was asking for a Thank You Hug for her twin dollies and she was openly rebuffing him! The Hello Kitty tent was a big hit, as you can see, she was trying to play in it while Dad was still setting it up.

While singing to her at cake time she sand "Happy Birthday TO ME!" She is gaining vocabulary SO fast, and it was a great moment to catch on video! So, now we have a full-fledged two year old!


  1. Yeah for Syd's b'day! Love the rebuff picture.

  2. Very cute! What an attitude! :-) I wonder if you dressed her to match the cake and tent or if that was a coincidence?