Thursday, January 15, 2009


Gunnar had a secret last week...but he REALLY wanted to share it. He was standing right next to his friend, "Princess A.", and says
"We have a crush on each other".
Looking at Princess A., she confirms with a big smile and an enthusiastic nod of the head. And so it begins. A friend, who also happens to be a girl. For those of you who may be concerned about what I am or am not encouraging at this tender age, I simply said that it is GREAT to have good friends, girl or boy! (and Princess A.'s Mom feels the same..)
Since then drawings and notes and other various trinkets have made their way to and from school. Big grins and fun playdates are the norm. Twitterpation doesn't only happen in the Spring. Apparently.


  1. Well, maybe in 20 years you could have something significant there! But for now, I am so glad he has a great friend! We love our friends. They make our days so sweet and the kids absolutely look forward to all the playing they get to do. BTW, Samo gets along best with one little girl in our circle of friends. They have the SAME personalities and it's so funny to see them interact! Very nice to be understood, I say.

  2. Who wouldn't have a crush on him. He's so cute and sweet.

  3. Holy kindergartner! I've heard boys are definitely more work in this department. And so it begins...the growing up of Gunnar! I guess there are just over 12 years left before he's 18! Agggh! He sounds so old when I think of it that way.

    And who WOULDN'T have a crush on him?

  4. (cue music) And they called it puppy looooooooove. How cute!!!

  5. I personally think that Princess A is so cute who wouldn't have a crush on her? Gunnary is cute too.