Sunday, January 18, 2009

Finishing Touches - Boy Style

All tucked in and SO happy.
No girly fixture here, and Dad even stuck some constellations
up on the ceiling.
I found these cool planet and star wall stickers, perfect colors!
As cute as they are, we've been a bit nervous about the Sports Ball wallpaper cutouts from MomMom (they're really permanent and we're not fans of wallpaper removal)....My NEW plan is to buy some artist canvases, 16x20s, paint them green and wallpaper them onto the canvas, that way it's moveable art! We'll hang them above the baseball bat pegs (see below) and on the other side of the dresser. But that's THIS week's project. :)
Backpack center. (So we can do homework at our desks!) That Nutcracker WAS a Christmas decoration that Gunnar could not part with. Turns out, it's the perfect door stopper. Who knew?
The desk is still 'slightly' tacky, so we're not putting much on or in it at the moment...
So, that's it for now. I'll post the Sports Murals once they're completed and up on the walls!


  1. Very fun decorations! That's a clever idea for movable art, especially since he already has four motifs going on in one room! You could also decorate a box for balls and other sports gear in another part of the house, like the garage.
    PS: No need to be afraid of wall paper! Wall paper comes off easily if you perforate it and then spray with straight vinegar sprayed from a spray bottle. Let soak, respray, then gently scrape. Ta da! Worked for us on 30 year old wallpaper in our Ohio house!

  2. So cute! And I love the new white ceiling. Who's paints ceilings a color, anyway??

    It definitely looks and feels like a boy room now. You'll have to let me know how the 'homework in the room at the desk' thing goes. ;)

  3. I've also found that filling a spray bottle with really hot water and then spraying it directly onto the wallpaper makes it easy to scrape off. But I like the idea for the "art." I also think the idea of using them to decorate a toy box or something is great. Good job on the room. That's a big project and painting ceilings is SUCH a pain. When I first saw the green on the desk I thought you were crazy, but it looks good in the room.

  4. K- you'd be surprised at how many homes we looked at (all under 3 years old) that had the ceilings painted the SAME COLOR as the WALLS! I'm talking dark green, peach, stuff like that. It brings the ceiling DOWN and makes it feel COZY. Whatever! Claustrophobia! I guess it was a style phase? One home we looked at was featured in a women's magazine.... lovely, but green ceilings?